November 29, 2007  

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A Call to Action by Matthias Rath, M.D.

Heart attacks, strokes and many of today's most common health problems are not genuine diseases. They have been identified as the result of long-term vitamin deficiency and are subsequently preventable. Today every person has to make a decision: Will you take advantage of this medical breakthrough in vitamin research or will you continue being victimized by special interest groups maintaining the "pharmaceutical business with disease"?

As the physician and scientist who is leading this advance in human health, I discovered that cardiovascular disease and the sailor's disease scurvy have a common origin: vitamin deficiency in the millions of cells that make up the blood vessel wall. Consequently, I discovered that many of today's most widespread diseases, including high blood pressure, heart failure, osteoporosis and other health problems, are primarily caused by vitamin deficiencies. This discovery led to the foundation of Cellular Health, a new field of medicine that will lead to the eradication of these diseases. The application of this medical breakthrough will save millions of lives and billions dollars in worldwide health care costs.


The most important obstacle we face is the opposition by multinational drug companies. The pharmaceutical industries rank among the largest and most profitable industries in the world and their markets are based on the existence of diseases in the human body. The prevention and eradication of diseases threaten the very existence of the "pharmaceutical business with diseases". To protect its trillion-dollar market of symptom-oriented drugs against effective, safe and affordable vitamin therapies, the pharmaceutical industry has launched a global campaign to suppress life-saving natural health information.

Under the cover of the United Nation's "Codex Alimentarius Commission", this pharmaceutical cartel seeks to outlaw any preventive and therapeutic health statements in relation to vitamins and other natural therapies worldwide. At these "Codex" meetings, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is supporting the censorship of natural health information against the will of the U.S Congress and of millions of vitamin consumers in America.

Matthias Rath, M.D.


Reject any and all restrictions on natural health information through "Codex Alimentarius"and other laws
or regulations.

Stop the FDA from acting against the health interests of the American people.

Integrate vitamin therapies, cellular medicine and other effective and safe natural approaches into health care policies in America.

What you should do:

Please send us this appeal via email and talk with everyone you know about it. You can support this petition
as an individual person or an organization. Please add your full name and your address under the petition so we can forward this petition to the responsible politicians.

Support Dr. Rath and Stop the Global Ban on Vitamin Therapies!


The Rath - Pauling Manifesto

The Discovery that Triggered the Global Health Censorship Efforts
by the Pharmaceutical Industry:

On July 2, 1992, Dr. Rath and Dr. Pauling held a Press Conference in San Francisco and announced to the world the possibility to eradicate heart disease through vitamin therapies.

click here to read the Manifesto

Background of the "Codex Alimentarius"
Global Health Censorship Efforts

Immediately following this breakthrough, the pharmaceutical companies tried to block the dissemination of this life-saving information. Their motive: Each year they make more than two hundred billion dollars from world-wide sales of cardiovascular drugs that don't cure, but merely treat symptoms. The breakthrough in vitamin-heart disease research will lead to a collapse of this multi-billion dollar drug market.

After their censorship plans failed in the United States because of the "Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act" of 1994, the "Pharma-Cartel" regrouped at the international level. By abusing the World Health Organization's "Codex Alimentarius Commission", this Cartel seeks the following binding legislation for all member countries of the United Nations - that is worldwide:

1) A world-wide ban on all information about the preventive and therapeutic health benefits in connection with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other essential nutrients,

2) Outlawing free access to essential nutrients which exceed the arbitrarily low dosage recommendations of "Codex",

3) Imposing international trade sanctions upon nations not willing to implement the "Codex" decisions into national laws.

Despite growing resistance, the "Codex" efforts by the pharmaceutical industry continue. The next "Codex" meeting is planned for November 2001.

Support Dr. Rath and Stop the Global Ban on Vitamin Therapies!


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