March 25, 2008  

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Cardiovascular disease is no longer primarily a ‘male’ problem. Current NIH statistics reveal that heart disease deaths among women outpace those of men and is now the leading cause of death in females!


The number of women suddenly dying from a cardiac event with NO prior diagnosable symptoms is skyrocketing and the number of women so felled has been growing each year for the past fifteen years or more.


Even more alarming is that physicians are admittedly frustrated and ‘confused’ because they can’t determine what’s happening. Why? Because heart disease looks completely different in women than in men; their symptoms are dissimilar.


Here’s one major difference: instead of the arterial blockage so common in men, seemingly healthy women’s coronary arteries suddenly spasm, compromising blood flow to the heart muscle, often leading to sudden death.


Frequently, such women have visited physicians, but their complaints have been misdiagnosed – or worse still, ignored. Despite reporting a variety of muscular aches and pains, especially after exercising, occasional shortness of breath, becoming overly tired without cause, mirgraine headaches, sleep-disturbing leg cramps, unusual sensitivity to noise and stress, debilitating premenstrual syndrome and a long litany of seemingly unrelated difficulties, they are commonly dismissed as ‘crazy ladies’.


A short history lesson is relevant here. In 1989 the US government began to focus on what was considered a looming crisis: Osteoporosis and its prevention. In a misguided decision that women were not getting all the calcium necessary to prevent bone fractures, NIH advised universal calcium supplementation – especially past menopause.  Higher potency calcium supplementation along with calcium-fortified foods were popularized as the cure de jure.


And so with an osteoporosis hysteria launched, the food manufacturers and supplement marketers were unleashed, and over the years, calcium consumption both in fortified foods and by supplementation has grown exponentially – and sudden heart attack death in females has grown at the very same time – no coincidence.


Careful investigation reveals this state of affairs is at best a misguided effort to improve women’s health; at worst further proof that medical ‘experts’ are not to be trusted or heeded. To begin with, taking calcium to avoid bone loss is yet another medically-endorsed mistake.  While calcium does increase the density on non-weight bearing bones, too much calcium can interfere with the absorption of other nutrients and may lead to MORE fractures. In addition, excess calcium can go to your arteries, your brain and eyes, causing many other health problems – among which is a serious magnesium deficiency which leads to sudden death from arterial spasm! Mystery solved.


 As Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD, ND author of “The Miracle of Magnesium” has said: “With our emphasis on a high calcium intake without sufficient magnesium and the prominence placed on taking high doses of calcium to ward off osteoporosis, we are creating a serious calcium-magnesium imbalance.”


One consequence, Dr. Dean points out, is “up to 80 percent – men as well as women – are magnesium-deficient.” There are serious consequences, she notes, as proven by 40 years of research and more than 1,000 studies (most of them ignored by conventional medicine). Scientific evidence confirms that magnesium deficiency triggers or causes at least 22 major conditions among which are: Anxiety and panic attacks; asthma; blood clots; bowel disease;  cystitis; depression; detoxification; diabetes; fatigue; heart disease; hypertension; hypoglycemia; insomnia; kidney disease; liver disease; migraine; musculoskeletal conditions; nerve problems; premenstrual symptoms; SIDS; osteoporosis; Reynard’s Syndrome; tooth decay – and probably many more.


Canadian DMD Dr. Kathryn Poleson agrees and says: “Magnesium can lessen the severity of nearly every systemic disease. Since magnesium is important in over 300 enzymatic reactions, increasing calcium without balancing it with magnesium does more harm than good. Specifically, women at risk for osteoporosis have shown an increase in bone density and decrease in bone fractures when given magnesium.”


There’s so much more to say about magnesium, we could write a book – fortunately there’s no need, as there are several excellent physician-authored books on the subject available. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE – take this message seriously and pass it along to all you know and care for. Help us save lives – we now manufacture and supply the very best oral magnesium supplement available anywhere – and it’s easy to take and inexpensive as well.


Miraculous Magnesium™ is the proven answer for all.






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