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  Coenzyme Q10  

Hydrosoluble Coenzyme Q1O, also known as Q-GelsTM, has been manufactured using the state-of-the-art Bio-SolvTM process, which can improve tht' dissolution profile and bioavailability of certain fat -soluble nutrients like CoQ10.

Bio-Solv Technology Dramatically Enhances Bioavailability

Traditionally, Coenzyme Q1O may be poorly absorbed because it is lipid- soluble. As a lipid-soluble nutrient, it follows the same pathway as that of fats for its absorption in the body and has limited bioavailability.


Hydrosoluble Coenzyme Q1O was found to have up to 300% greater relative bioavailability than other forms tested. Coenzyme Q1O produced using the Bio- Solv technology passes the USP dissolution requirement for nutritional supplements, and is superior when compared with other commercially available delivery systems for relative bioavailability in human subjects.

Ground Breaking Bioavailabilty Research

Preliminary scientific research indicates that the Bio-SolvTM process can enhance CoQ1O's dissolution, based on USP methodology, which is a measure of hydrosolubility. The following experiment compared two different formulations of CoQ10 for their abilities to raise serum CoQ1O levels.

Researchers compared coenzyme Q10 absorption from four different delivery systems. Twenty-four healthy males with fasting serum CoQ1O levels within a specified normal range were assigned to four groups. Each person received 120 mg of CoQ1Oeach day; the CoQ1Oitself was all from the same batch but was formulated into a different oral delivery system for each group. Specifically, researchers compared CoQ1Oabsorption from tablets, soft gels, capsules and CoQ1Othat had been processed using Bio-SolvTM technology. Fasting blood samples, before ingestion of the day's dose CoQ1O, were collected weekly for three weeks, and were analyzed for CoQ1Oby established HPLC methodology.

The Q-GelTM product formulated using the Bio-SolvTM technology raised the serum CoQ1Olevel from 0.5 to 3.3 mcg/mL in 3 weeks, while the other three raised it from 0.5 to about l.6mcg/mL. These results were statistically significant. This strongly supports the idea that higher dissolution correlates with greater absorption of CoQ1O. The Q-GelTM was found to be vastly superior, with a six-fold increase in plasma CoQ1Ovalues over the baseline, and up to 300% greater relative bioavailability over other systems tested.


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